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Actisense A2K-TDC-0-25M NMEA 2000 Cable Assembly .25M

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SKU: A2K-TDC-0-25M

Manufacturer: Actisense

Mfg. Part No: A2K-TDC-0M25

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Actisense A2K-TDC-0-25M NMEA 2000 Cable Assembly 0.25m

UL certified high quality cable is available in 0.5m, 1m, 5m, 10m lengths and 100 meter reels. Use Actisense cable to create or extend an NMEA 2000 backbone of flexible lengths to suit any installation

Cable details:

The NMEA 2000 cable includes five wires within a single waterproof cable: power and ground wires, two signal wires and a drain wire. The drain wire connects to the cable shield which protects the signal, power and ground wires from external Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and helps reduce RFI emission from the cable.

NMEA 2000 Micro cable can carry up to 3 Amps of supply current and can be used to create a backbone up to 100 meters in length. If the backbone length required exceeds 100 meters, the center of the bus can be extended with NMEA 2000 Mini cable to keep the outer Micro sections to the 100 meter maximum.

The maximum permitted length of a drop cable (distance from the backbone) is 6 meters. However it is important to limit each drop length to the minimum required as the total of all drop lengths must not exceed 72 meters.

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